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When you have dependent children with an ex-spouse or otherwise, you’re smart to work with a knowledgeable child support attorney in Texas to represent you in family court. Catering to a specific service within family law, child support attorneys provide legal advice to ensure the children are cared for financially long after any divorce case or SAPCR is over.
Sometimes an ex continues to responsibly provide for his/her children, but that is not always the case. When you need some help collecting or updating your child support obligation, our Texas support attorneys are there to help. As your child support attorneys, we fight for your needs and make sure you and your children get a fair shake when it comes to your child support order and its enforcement.

Child Support Legal Services

Child Support Order

Our professional and highly experienced child support attorneys understand the critical nature of a well-crafted child support order. This minimizes future disputes and ensures the stability of your child’s financial support.

Child Support Modification

When life circumstances change, child support amounts may need to be revisited. Our Texas child support attorneys are here to help with expert advice and fierce representation.

Child Support Termination

When parents change the primary caretaker, when children graduate, when they join the military, and at many other times, child support should be terminated. The inefficient and bureaucratic state distribution unit is unlikely to change your order without proper notice, and/or an amended Income Withholding Order. Our Texas child support attorneys know the process and can get your support stopped immediately.

Child Support Enforcement

Just because child support is court-ordered does not mean it is always paid. If you’re faced with challenges in collecting your child support payments, our attorneys can help enforce the court orders and often get your attorney’s fees paid for you. We use effective and direct legal methods to ensure that the paying parent meets their court-ordered financial obligations.

How Child Support is Calculated

When calculating child support for each case, Texas child support laws require strict guidelines for calculation. Calculators are even available online to help you.

See Texas State child support calculator:[MP1] .

Factors considered in calculating the monthly amount of child support include each parent’s income, number of children, custody of the child, health insurance, additional non-covered health care costs, and needs of the child including any special needs such as additional medical care, daycare or costs associated with sports participation and high school or extracurricular activities.
The Court takes all of these factors into consideration as well as anything else that may be pertinent to each unique case, including payments for spousal support (alimony) or any other needs of the minor child, and comes up with the child support obligation for the non-custodial parent. The amount of time such financial support is court-ordered is at least until the child is 18, or longer in certain circumstances.
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You need to be sure you seek the advice of a child support lawyer to advocate for you. Child support cases can end very unfavorably for you if the right information is not presented to the court. It is important to note that the Attorney General is not an attorney for either side. They represent the State of Texas, and they have no obligation to fight for your best interests. Once entered, the Court will only consider child support modifications when one party undergoes a significant change in gross income, or child custody or child care needs materially change. Seeking advice after the order is entered is too late, and you could be forced to wait up to three years before seeking an increase or decrease.

Long-Term Financial Support

Child support, by its very nature, is usually paid to the primary custodial parent on a monthly basis until the child reaches the age of majority, or sometimes through the end of high school regardless of age. Thus, child support payment obligations can last decades.

Over time, circumstances often change leading to a need to modify a child support order. Changes in medical care needs or social security benefits are two examples of events that can call for a child support modification. The Texas child support attorneys at our law office can help by providing you with expert legal services to navigate the modification process for you. This is a technical legal matter, and legal counsel is recommended to handle this to ensure your interests are protected. Our experienced and knowledgeable child support attorneys can handle all of your child support establishment, modification, and/or enforcement legal issues professionally and quickly.

Call on the child support attorneys at Lighthouse Legal Services for all of your child support needs. We are here to help!

Related Legal Services

Child support is one area of our diverse practice at Lighthouse Legal Services. We pride ourselves on being a family focused law firm. Each of our esteemed and accomplished attorneys practices family law, and all bring a secondary specialty area to the table as well. This way, we have all of your legal needs covered fully and in-house no matter what legal issue comes up.

Services related to child support include child custody, paternity determination, dissolution of marriage (divorce), spousal maintenance (alimony), and domestic violence issues as related to the family dynamic. We also handle any other legal needs you may have that occur as a result of your family case.

Our trusted family law attorneys at Lighthouse Legal Services law firm can handle all of your child support issues expertly and thoroughly. We value the attorney-client relationship with all of our clients and pride ourselves on providing each of our clients with high-quality legal counsel. When your needs call for some powerful help with your child support situation, or you just want to be sure you’re getting a fair deal, we are here for you. Don’t hesitate to call a Lighthouse Legal Services child support attorney today.
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