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Barrett Thomas

Barrett Thomas
Mr. Thomas is the former President of the Texas Young Lawyers Association, a legal organization with 27,000 members. He received the Graduate of the Last Decade (G.O.L.D.) award from Texas Tech University School of Law in 2017. Prior to that, he was named in the list of Rising Stars℠ by Super Lawyers® Magazine. He was voted the Outstanding Young Lawyer in 2014 by the Abilene Young Lawyers Association and received the Bob Black Bar Leaders award from Texas Tech University School of Law in the same year. Mr. Thomas currently serves on the District 8 Grievance Committee of the State Bar of Texas and volunteers with multiple charitable organizations. He also frequently teaches at several regional police academies and for several law enforcement agencies

Kristy Blanchard

Kristy Blanchard
Kristy Blanchard is an accomplished family law attorney with a reputation for intensity both in the courtroom and at settlement, especially when the welfare of children or other underdogs are concerned. Her compassion and thorough preparation have won her a place as one of the top lawyers in Texas for nine straight years in Texas Monthly and on the list in the current issue of The Best Lawyers In America. Mrs. Blanchard currently serves as the Immediate Past President of the Texas Young Lawyers Association, as the Executive Director of the State Bar of Texas, and as a Trustee for the State Bar Private Insurance Exchange. She also serves on the board of directors for Texas Lawyers for Children, a non-profit organization that provides statewide assistance to judges and attorneys who handle abuse and neglect cases.

How The Founding Partners Met

Kristy and Barrett met while serving on the Board of Directors for the Texas Young Lawyers Association. Through service and dedication to the organization, both were ultimately elected President of the 27,000+ member organization of attorneys just two years apart.
Barrett and Kristy quickly recognized the passion and drive that each of them shared to not only succeed personally but also professionally. More importantly, they observed a mutual desire to constantly improve their ability to serve ALL their clients’ needs.
It was that passion to form a complete firm that led them to form a partnership in 2015 to offer their clients the best of both of their abilities, and to expand their practices to offer a greater variety of services.

Our Strategies for Success

The Lighthouse Legal Services strategy for success is not something novel or unheralded. Rather, it is a dedication to certain time-honored principles of business and life. We want to earn the right to be your attorneys for life, not just for the duration of your current legal issue.

To achieve that goal, we follow these fundamental principles:

We treat clients like people and not numbers.

We treat our clients the same way we would like to be treated ourselves.

We build our relationships upon a foundation of total honesty.

Absolute honesty allows the client and the attorney to develop trust that will be absolutely critical to success in and out of the courtroom.

We believe the attorney-client relationship should be based on mutual respect.

While the attorney-client relationship may not always result in friendship, we believe it.

We make a commitment to communication.

We begin and end many of our days communicating with clients. Our clients can count on us to return phone calls and/or e-mails within 24 hours except in emergencies or during announced absences from the office. We want our clients to always know what we.

Client Attorney Relationship

While the attorney-client relationship may not always result in friendship, we believe it should always result in mutual respect. We zealously advocate for our clients whether we agree with their choices or not. We do not judge our clients’ past actions; we simply attempt to help them learn from them, live with them, and overcome them. We work to see our clients thrive!

Our Promise

We serve at our clients’ pleasure. If for any reason whatsoever the client decides he/she is better off with a different attorney or law firm, we will respectfully and professionally do whatever we can to get the new attorney or law firm up to speed and ready to take over the case. We vow to never object to a client’s request to seek alternative counsel, and we promise to return 100% of any unearned advance payments.

Our Attorneys Are Here For You

We're focused on winning for our clients. If you have a legal issue, our team is ready to solve it!
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