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When it comes to legal issues in Texas, there’s a name you can trust: Lighthouse Legal Services.

As a distinguished law firm in Texas, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive legal services across many practice areas. Our experienced attorneys bring years of experience, unwavering dedication, and an unyielding commitment to securing the best possible outcomes for our clients.
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A Legacy of Excellence in Texas Law

Comprehensive Texas Family Law Services

Family law matters require the assistance of skilled attorneys who can navigate the complex legal landscape with empathy and competence. At Lighthouse Legal Services, our family law attorneys are well-versed in dealing with child custody, child support, and domestic violence cases. We recognize the emotional strain these issues can place on a family, so we make every effort to resolve them as smoothly and personally as possible.

Child Support Child Custody Father's Rights Paternity Divorce Cases Uncontested Divorces Domestic Violence Spousal Support Annulment Prenuptial Agreements Mediation Adoption


Aggressive and Expert Criminal Law Defense

Facing criminal charges can be an overwhelming experience. But with Lighthouse Legal Services by your side, you're not alone. Our adept criminal defense attorneys provide vigorous representation against various criminal charges of all levels, from misdemeanor to felony, motions to proceed, motions to revoke, and more.

Our attorneys have handled hundreds of cases from assault family violence (AFV), to driving while intoxicated (DWI), to drug cases, and more. Our goal is to minimize the impact of criminal cases on our clients’ lives and uphold their rights at every stage of the legal process. Our legal team is here to provide the solid defense you need.

Assault Domestic Violence Drug Charges Drug Possession DWI Charges Seizure & Asset Forfeiture Sex Crimes Weapons Charges


Personal Injury Law

The repercussions can be devastating when an accident leaves you injured due to someone else's negligence. Physical pain, emotional trauma, medical bills, lost wages, and a confusing legal system can all feel overwhelming. At Lighthouse Legal Services, we have experienced personal injury attorneys committed to fighting for justice for accident victims.

We understand that no financial compensation can truly compensate for the pain and suffering you've endured. However, a successful personal injury claim can provide the resources necessary to afford quality medical treatment, recoup lost income, and provide comfort for your physical and emotional recovery.

Our skilled personal injury lawyers have years of experience handling various personal injury cases, including auto accidents, truck accidents, commercial motor vehicle accidents, work-related injuries not covered by worker’s compensation, premises liability, wrongful death cases, and product liability matters. Our team will provide sound legal advice and guide you through the personal injury legal process, ensuring your rights are always protected.

Car Accidents Truck Accidents Vehicle v Pedestrian Accidents Defective and Dangerous Products Premises Liability Daycare Injuries Catastrophic Injuries Wrongful Death Dram Shop Injuries


Wills and Probate

Dealing with end-of-life matters can be a stressful and emotionally challenging experience. However, with proper legal guidance, having peace of mind is possible. Whether you're planning your estate or dealing with the estate of a loved one, we can provide knowledgeable legal counsel. We assist in drafting wills and trusts, estate planning, navigating the probate process, estate administration, and establishing and managing trusts. Our goal is to help you understand and exercise your rights and to ensure the fulfillment of your wishes or those of your loved ones.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling complex estates and can help mitigate potential conflicts or misunderstandings that could arise during the probate process.

Estate Planning Last Will and Testament Probate Process Probate Avoidance


Business Law

Running a business requires passion, dedication, and a strong understanding of the legal landscape. Our attorneys at Lighthouse Legal Services have an in-depth knowledge of business law and can provide legal advice to help your business run smoothly.

Whether you're starting a new business or need advice for your existing enterprise, our attorneys can provide counsel on the legal implications of each decision you make. We understand the importance of protecting your business interests and will work diligently to ensure your business is compliant with state and federal laws, adequately protected from potential lawsuits, and positioned for continued success.

Choosing Lighthouse Legal Services for your business law needs means partnering with a law firm that cares about your business as much as you do.

Business entity selection, formation and governance. Comprehensive, personalized general counsel services. Shareholder, operating agreement and partnership disputes. Commercial contracts. Real estate disputes. Business partnership disputes and breach of the duty of care / fiduciary duty. Breach of contract / interference with contracts. Contract drafting and review. Intellectual property issues and licensing. Misappropriation of trade secrets and nondisclosure agreements.


Texas Law Firm

With multiple office locations spread across Texas, Lighthouse Legal Services strives for accessibility for our clients regardless of their location. We proudly serve communities across Texas and have established offices in several cities for your convenience.

Meet Our Experienced
Attorneys In Texas Law

We’re proud of the decades of experience that our attorneys bring to the table. Each attorney in our law group is committed to providing exceptional legal representation and advice. Our legal team comprises dedicated individuals who are experts in their respective fields and understand the importance of client relationships.


Founding Partner / Managing Attorney


Founding Partner / Managing Attorney


Associate Partner / Managing Attorney


Managing Attorney


Managing Attorney


Managing Attorney




Associate Attorney


"Of Counsel" Attorney


"Of Counsel" Attorney


"Of Counsel" Attorney


Managing Paralegal


Managing Paralegal


Paralegal & Office Manager














Legal Assistant & Paralegal


Legal Assistant


Finance & Operations Manager


Human Resources & Office Manager
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Why Choose Lighthouse Legal Services?

Choosing the right law firm for your legal issue is a critical decision. At Lighthouse Legal Services, our focus on delivering personalized and effective legal services sets us apart.
As a leading law firm in Texas, we believe in the principles of trust, respect, and transparency when it comes to our relationship with our clients. These principles are reflected in our “Clients’ Bill of Rights,” a manifesto of our commitment to serving you, our client, with unwavering dedication.

The Lighthouse Legal Services “Clients’ Bill of Rights”

We Aim to Win

We play to win. While we cannot guarantee outcomes in any case, we always strive to see that our clients come out on top. We want our clients to know without question that their success matters to us personally.

Strategic Planning

We play hard, we play fast, and we stick to the game plan. We work with every client to develop a strategy most likely to bring about their success. We work hard to ensure the strategy gives our client every possible advantage in and out of the courtroom. We then implement that strategy as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Honesty and Integrity

We build our relationships upon a foundation of total honesty. Absolute honesty allows the client and the attorney to develop trust that is absolutely critical to success in negotiations or trial.

Commitment To Communication

We make a commitment to communication. We begin and end most of our days communicating with clients. Our clients can count on us to return phone calls and/or e-mails within 24 to 48 hours except in emergencies or during announced absences from the office. We want our clients to know what we know when we know it, so they can make informed decisions when the moment is right.

Client Attorney Relationship

While the attorney-client relationship may not always result in friendship, we believe it should always result in mutual respect. We zealously advocate for our clients whether we agree with their choices or not. We do not judge our clients’ past actions; we simply attempt to help them learn from them, live with them, and overcome them. We work to see our clients thrive!

Our Promise

We serve at our clients’ pleasure. If for any reason whatsoever the client decides he/she is better off with a different attorney or law firm, we will respectfully and professionally do whatever we can to get the new attorney or law firm up to speed and ready to take over the case. We vow to never object to a client’s request to seek alternative counsel, and we promise to return 100% of any unearned advance payments.

Testimonials: Our Clients Speak

The true measure of our success lies in the satisfaction of our clients. We invite you to explore our testimonials, where you’ll find first-hand accounts from individuals who’ve experienced our legal services.
These testimonials reflect our clients’ trust and confidence in our legal team and demonstrate our commitment to delivering excellent service.
Mr. Thomas and his firm are amazing! They were extremely helpful and understanding. I would recommend this firm to everyone who is in need of legal assistance. Everyone was super nice, efficient and motivated! Sammie
Waco, TX
Barrett is not only an incredible attorney, but he CARES about his clients. He is readily available whenever needed and achieved an even better outcome than expected! Also, his team is beyond kind and helpful whenever I was in the office. I highly recommend this firm!
Abilene, TX

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